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Центр печатных технологий АТД является официальным дистрибьютором более 30 ведущих мировых производителей. Центр полиграфических технологий ATD  имеет эксклюзивные права на распространение на российском полиграфическом рынке продукции, выпущенной большинством ее основных партнеров.

Siliconi Commerciale SPA (Italy) has been the producer of technical sprays, silicone antifoams, silicone free antifoams and emulsions for textile industry since 1957. Research is one of the company’s most important aims. The modern laboratories of R&D division work continually to develop new high-technological and ecologically-friendly products that are able to satisfy even the most difficult requests of the customers.
Printing Technology Center ATD is the official distributor of Siliconi Commerciale SPA in Russia.
Ikonos (Poland) is one of leading European manufacturers of solvent-based media for indoor and outdoor applications. The company’s modern production line is capable to produce various products. Partnership with the customers is the company’s priority, Ikonos is open to all the customers' suggestions. Being independent, flexible, as well as being in constant development are the main pillars of the company’s philosophy that enables it to meet all the challenges of the market. The company is located in the center of Europe, so short delivery time is guaranteed, which is very important to the customers. The goal of Ikonos is to make the production 100% ecological, in that direction the company constantly develops.
Dr. Hönle (Germany) is one of the world´s leading suppliers for industrial UV technology. The company develops, manufactures and distributes UV systems, UV lamps and UV measurement equipment worldwide. The systems are used in the cross-linking of photo-reactive substances, for surface sterilization and solar simulation. Hönle products are used in manufacturing processes in electronics, microelectronics, precision engineering and the optical industry, and in the printing, automobile, aerospace, pharmaceutical and photovoltaic sectors. In addition to the original parent company, UV systems specialist Dr. Hönle AG, the Hönle Group also comprises of the UV dryer specialists PrintConcept (rotary printing) and Eltosch (sheet-fed offset printing). Further subsidiaries are Aladin GmbH (UV lamps), UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH (UV/IR lamps), the specialist for sun simulations plants and electronic power supply Mitronic GmbH as well as the adhesives specialist Panacol. The German based Hönle Group has local subsidiaries in China, France, Spain, United Kingdom and the USA and a sales office in Italy. The Hönle Group also has an extensive worldwide network of experienced sales and service partners.
Fredrix® was founded in 1868 by E. H. Friedrichs. Whether your choice is a machine primed canvas with universal acrylic gesso or hand primed canvas with natural glue sizing and oil based ground, you can trust Fredrix. Fredrix shops all over the world to find the finest artist grade cottons, linens and blends which are woven to our rigid specifications. Fredrix coats more than 10 million square yards of canvas annually. As an experienced canvas manufacturer, Fredrix® recognizes that it is our unique priming process which is the key to our success today. All of our canvas is primed in the USA and only Fredrix® Artist Canvas displays an archival seal of quality to guarantee a finished painting that will withstand the test of time. Most of our canvases are machine primed using state-of-the-art industrial equipment, but we still prime many of our canvas the old fashioned way - by hand!
BN International was established in 1926 under the original name of Balatum NV. On the 1st of January 1979 the company name is officially changed to BN International. BN Wallcoverings is part of BN International, with head office located in Huizen, the Netherlands. As one of the leading brands in the world for both contract wallcoverings as well as residential wallcoverings, BN Wallcoverings is the trendsetter for many decades in the business for walldecoration. High quality products are nowadays sold all over the world through our wide network of distributors. In the Netherlands and Germany, Voca BV (a 100% subsidiary of BN International) is responsible for the distribution of residential wallcoverings for the consumer market.
Koroseal Interior Products is one of the world's leading manufacturers of contract interior products. Koroseal Interior Products produces some of the most recognized brands in the market today, including Koroseal®, Vicrtex®, Korogard® and Walltalkers®. Many of the products are low-emitting, contain recycled content, and can contribute to a building achieving LEED® credits. Almost all of the products are "Made in the USA". Koroseal Interior Products' family of products has expanded rapidly over the last several years. The driving influence for this product line expansion was to meet the needs and requests of the customers, primarily interior designers, architects, facility managers, property managers, contractors and end users. Today, Koroseal's diverse product offering includes: wallcoverings, wall protection systems, wall protection systems, wall protection systems, dry erase wallcoverings, tackable surfaces, wood wallcoverings, digital surfaces, acoustical treatments, dimensional metal surfaces, wall finishings, textiles.

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